Information for suppliers

Development of the local economy
& supply chain

Building relationships with capable, competitive and innovative suppliers is essential to delivering new projects successfully. 

Wherever we operate, we seek a positive engagement with the local community. This promotes development of the local economy and supply chain. 

Our approach to selecting key suppliers of specific supplies and services brings mutual benefits, including cost reductions due to economies of scale. Our key suppliers understand and support ├śrsted in our journey towards continuously reducing the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE). The procurement procedure is based on the following procurement principles to ensure responsible sourcing.
This timeline gives an overview of when the different procurements will take place both in order for suppliers to become a direct contractor to Borssele 01+02 or a sub-contractor to one of Ørsted’s main contractors.
Ørsted does not direct or determine the choice of our contractors’ sub-contractors, we can only encourage suppliers who are interested in becoming a sub-contractor to Borssele 01+02 to contact our main contractors.


Scope of Works
Contractor(s) name
Supply and commissioning of Wind Turbines Siemens Gamesa
Installation of Wind Turbines
Supply of Monopiles and Transmission Pieces
Sif, EEW SPC, EEW OSB, Bladt
Installation of Monopiles and Transmission Pieces
Supply and termination of Array Cables
Installation of Array Cables
Van Oord
Operation and Maintenance facility construction
Procurement - How
At Ørsted we know that suppliers are a vital part of our success as market leader in the offshore wind business. Therefore, we value relationships with our suppliers and welcome new suppliers to be part of our supply chain. The procurement processes are furthermore described on the main website:

Supplier registration

Ørsted has a supplier registration form (only direct/tier 1 contractors): Please note that registration as an interested supplier is not a guarantee to be invited for any tenders, awarded any work or contacted by Ørsted. Your registration will only make your company visible to Ørsted and your registered contact information may be used when we look for new potential suppliers. 
For Borssele 01+02 specific it is important that you:
1. Choose “EU” as geographical area
2. Choose ”Other (Wind)” as Product-Serviceprovided
a. Include description in textbox (*other, please specify scope) starting with ”NL”
Please note that by registering you will not be contacted by Ørsted unless your services is of interest and not until Ørsted is in need of such supplies. We appreciate your patience. Link to registration:
Procurement - Announcements
The announcements published on this site is not a exhaustive list of all tenders and other procurements performed for the Borssele 01+02 project. Such announcements may also be published in other processes. The procurement processes are furthermore described on the main website:

Procurement – Documents


Presentation Energy Port Zeeland 1 November 2018 (PDF)